Volunteer Information

Calling all volunteers! We need your help on the Pit Crew!

Did you know it takes more than 150 volunteers to make Seaside Le Mans a success? From setting up the track, to selling raffle tickets, to handing out bottled water to the drivers, we need lots of hands on deck at the Race for the Cape Cod community.

We appreciate any time that you can give to helping make this event a success.

Please contact Jeannie Fay, Volunteer Coordinator, at jfay@thedavenportcompanies.com or 508-760-9280. Thank you!


Volunteer Opportunities

Track Set-up
Help with placing hay bales wrapped in shrink wrap around the track. Requires some heavy lifting.

Help put pop-up tents in place and assist in the moving of tables and chairs.

Parking (Mashpee Commons)
Monitor the parking lots to be sure volunteers, sponsors and spectators park in the proper places. Chairs available for volunteers.

Parking (KC Coombs School)
Monitor the parking lot adjacent to Mashpee Commons to be sure sponsors park in the marked spots. Put wristbands on drivers and direct them to walk toward Mashpee Commons. Chairs available for volunteers.

Monitor what is happening around the track during the race and keep an eye on general safety: Be sure spectators are not too close to the track, be sure no one is smoking, report any violations to safety personnel. Check on other volunteers and vendors and assist where needed.

Pit Stop Shop
Sell merchandise and engage with spectators. Chairs available for volunteers.

Family Fun Zone Attendant
Help monitor the kids' area.

Bridge Patrol
Patrol the pedestrian overpass to be sure no one stops on the bridge and foot traffic continues moving. No smoking on or near the bridge.

50/50 Raffle
Sell tickets to spectators from a table and also help with roaming ticket sales. Count money frequently and report totals. Chairs available for volunteers.

Brochure Distribution
Hand out event brochures and giveaways to the crowd.

Change the placements of the teams on the scoreboard when informed of standings by X1. Chairs available for volunteers.

Check barrels of ice and trash throughout the infield and fill/empty as needed.

Remove hay bales, trash, take down tents, pack up boxes, fold t-shirts and leave the space exactly as we found it!

Thank you for all you do for our community!